Sunday, April 19, 2015

#86: True Romance - MovieCount 2015

This, is a Drexl.

True Romance
Tony Scott

#85: Major League II - MovieCount 2015

I want to see a sequel with a team actually playing in their own stadium.

Major League II
David S. Ward

#84: Goodfellas - MovieCount 2015

A great movie that could use some more Paulie. Gotta love Paulie.

Martin Scorsese

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

#82: Friday - MovieCount 2015

20th anniversary viewing. Still know every line like it's second nature.

F. Gary Gray

#81: Animal House - MovieCount 2015

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Animal House
John Landis

Sunday, April 05, 2015

#80: Time Lapse - MovieCount 2015

I'm a sucker for time travel movies. Another good one.

Time Lapse
Bradley King

#79: It Follows - MovieCount 2015

Great movie. Wonderful anachronistic feel to it.

It Follows
2015 (US)
David Robert Mitchell

Friday, April 03, 2015

#78: Furious 7 - MovieCount 2015

Physics be damned. This is the first Fast & Furious movie I watched in a theater.

Furious 7
James Wan

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

#87: Coming Home in a Body Bag - MovieCount 2015

Good fuckin' movie.

Coming Home in a Body Bag
Lee Donowitz

#86: The Jay-Z Story - MovieCount 2015

It's top notch.

The Jay-Z Story
Matt and Oz

#85: Brock Landers: Angels Live in My Town - MovieCount 2015

Let's get some of that Saturday night beaver.

Brock Landers: Angels Live in My Town
Jack Horner

#84: Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season - MovieCount 2015

Applesauce, bitch.

Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season
Gus Van Sant

#83: Don' You Go Rounin' Roun to Re Ro - MovieCount 2015

Bleedin' good it was. Abit onna evvy side o. 

Don' You Go Rounin' Roun to Re Ro
Guy Ritchie

#82: Aquaman 2 - MovieCount 2015

So much better than the first one.

Aquaman 2
Michael Bay

#81: Angels With Filthy Souls - MovieCount 2015

Good for stalling a home invasion.

Angels With Filthy Souls
Michael Curtiz

#80: Sack Lunch - MovieCount 2015

Don't you want to know how they got in the sack?

Sack Lunch
Larry David

#79: Coupon: The Movie - MovieCount 2015

Warm... and mandatory.

Coupon: The Movie
Famous Mortimer

#78: The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders - MovieCount 2015

You had me at Wes Anderson.

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders
Wes Anderson

Sunday, March 29, 2015

#77: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief - MovieCount 2015

Religious cult run by thugs is bad. Duh. I didn't learn a whole lot of new info, but hopefully a wide audience did.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
Alex Gibney

#76: Pain & Gain - MovieCount 2015

I found a Michael Bay movie that doesn't suck.

Pain & Gain
Michael Bay

#75: How to Train Your Dragon 2 - MovieCount 2015

Good movie. Visually amazing.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
Dean DeBlois

#74: History of the Eagles - MovieCount 2015

Love them or hate them, this is a fantastic documentary.

History of the Eagles
Alison Ellwood

#73: Earth to Echo - MovieCount 2015

Kind of a throwback to 80's sci-fi fantasy. Not bad for a kid's movie.

Earth to Echo
Dave Green

Sunday, March 22, 2015

#72: Seventh Son - MovieCount 2015

The Dude & Maude Lebowski in a movie that shares a name with my favorite Iron Maiden album. It's not too bad.

Seventh Son
Sergei Bodrov

Saturday, March 21, 2015

#71: Back to the Future Part II - MovieCount 2015

Only 7 months from today.

Back to the Future Part II
Robert Zemeckis

#70: Monty Python and the Holy Grail - MovieCount 2015

Had to watch again after seeing Spamalot at the theatre tonight.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones

#69: Monsters: Dark Continent - MovieCount 2015

The sequel to Gareth Edward's 2010 excellent directorial debut Monsters. This barely qualifies as a sequel. This is a war movie, with some monsters thrown into the background. Bonus points for good creature effects, but this is a depressing war movie.

Monsters: Dark Continent
Tom Green

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Re-Post Tuesday

Originally posted March 17, 2009. Slightly updated March 17, 2015.

If you've never heard of Donegal, Ireland... it's the northern most part of Ireland that's not Northern Ireland. It's actually north of Northern Ireland. That's where the the Provines name first showed up. Originally a bunch of Huguenots named de Purviance, they fled France and settled there & in neighboring County Tyrone in the 1600's.  I'm no historian, and I'm not straining to do research, but County Tyrone and County Donegal may have been the same place at the time, before borders were re-drawn. Just guessing. records show that my family surname of Provine was actually Provines until my grandfather changed it during WWII. Apparently he dropped the S because when he wrote his name on his personal items, the guys would make fun of him for being too possessive. As in, "Oh excuuuuse me, I didn't know this was PROVINES bag..." ...and my Grandpa had zero room for other people's bullshit. It doesn't explain other Provine family members not falling under my Grandpa Provine, but that just shows that most of this is probably inaccurate as hell.

Back to the  18th century... John & Robert Provines were the first generation with the name, son of William Purviance, who came over with a bunch of other Scotch-Irish immigrants in the mid 1700's... William was killed in an attack by an indian named Little Fawn in 1777. John Provines, a Revolutionary War soldier, was killed by a nasty kick from a horse in 1796. In John's last Will & Testament, dated 4 years prior on Feb. 27th (my birthday) of 1792 ...he left of money/land/livestock - including a one eyed horse - to his kids, and negro named Sambo to his son William Provine. (Oh, well that's just great. Not politically incorrect at all.) Sadly, I have seen the paperwork to back this up.

The Provine family migration route strongly resembles the migration route of the American Hillbilly - not only in geography, but chronology. This, according to The History Channel's "Hillbilly: The Real Story"... This has led me to the conclusion that my ancestors, once settling in from Ireland, either A) turned into Hillbillies.... or B) were being chased by Hillbillies.

There are some Provines (plural, no S) in McDonough County, Illinois where this map indicates the trail ends, but it appears that my ancestors bailed out and settled in Southern Illinois.

This happy bunch includes my great great grandfather John Alexander Provines, on the far right.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

#68: The Cobbler - MovieCount 2015

A Sandler movie that's actually pretty good. Not sure about the ending though.

The Cobbler
Thomas McCarthy

Saturday, March 14, 2015

#67: Hellboy - MovieCount 2015

I'm really hoping for a Hellboy III sometime in the near future.

Guillermo del Toro

Presidential Trivia

I'm just re-hashing old presidential trivia posts of mine all in to one big post - but I added a bunch of new trivia tidbits.

Presidential Trivia #1)
James is the most common first name for a President. There were six... James Madison, James Monroe, James Polk, James Buchanan, James Garfield (pictured), and James Earl Carter.

Presidential Trivia #2) 
Goats are the only animals with an innate sense of democracy.
That’s why they're called "Nature's President".

Goats are stupid, mean, and hard-headed animals.
That’s why they're called "Nature's President".

Presidential Trivia #3) 
David Rice Atchison, Senator from Missouri, was President of the United States for one day on March 4, 1849.  When James Polk's term was up, incoming President Zachary Taylor refused to be sworn in on a Sunday. Neither would Vice President Milliard Fillmore... Now, whether or not he was actually president is debatable... read about it here... but if he was, at 41 1/2 years old, he would be the youngest U.S. President ever.

Presidential Trivia #4) 
Timeline of '24' Presidents re-revisited. Originally posted February 2008, re-posted February 2011, re-reposted now with a minor update.  In 9 seasons 24 burned through 11 presidents. 

Harry Barnes - Season 1, not seen.
David Palmer - Senator & candidate in season 1. President for seasons 2 & 3, first black president.
Jim Prescott - President for one day, under 25th amendment, two times.
John Keeler - Season 4, incapacitated in an attack on Air Force One.
Charles Logan - Season 4, sworn in after Keeler was incapacitated. Removed from office in Season 5.
Hal Gardner - Season 5, sworn in after Logan was arrested and forced from office.
Wayne Palmer - Season 6, David Palmer's brother. Killed in office.
Noah Daniels - Season 6, Vice President under Wayne Palmer.  Took over after his death.
Allison Taylor - Season 7 and 8. First female president. Resigned.
Mitchell Hayworth - 24: Deadline. VP under Taylor when she resigned.
James Heller - Season 9. Succeeded Hayworth, presumably left office due to deteriorating health. 

OK, starting with David Palmer, 11 presidents, 9 seasons.  5 presidents were actually elected. 5 became president under provisions of the 25th Amendment, 3 were seriously injured in attacks (2 totally incapacitated), 2 resigned, & 1 was assassinated after serving out his term.

Presidential Trivia #5)
Ranking the top 10 black (fictional) presidents of all-time.

10... President Douglass Dilman... (James Earl Jones, The Man) I didn't actually see the 1972 film The Man, but props for being the first major fictional black president.

9... President Lindberg... (Tom 'Tiny' Lister, The Fifth Element) - Nobody would ever mess with us with Deebo as President. Ever. Technically he isn't President of the United States, but President of the United Federated Territories. In 2263, it's essentially the same position, except he's pretty much president of the world.  President Lindberg has a bit of a speech impediment, and is rendered powerless against a giant, planet-killing ball of pure evil that is hurtling towards the Earth.

8... President Tom Beck... (Morgan Freeman, Deep Impact) - Really the first time we saw a black president, and said, "Hey, ...a black president!"  Like President Lindberg, this black president is in the same helpless boat.  A giant, planet-killing object is speeding towards Earth and all anybody can do is kiss their ass goodbye.  Sure, why not throw a black dude in the White House.

7... President Thomas Wilson... (Danny Glover, 2012) - World ending disaster. Black President. You get the picture. Running gag or subliminal statement? It's Hollywood, so probably a running gag. Poor Danny Glover had an entire goddamn aircraft carrier dropped on top of him.

6... President Eli Martinez... (Blair Underwood, The Event) - President Martinez is the first black president of the post-Obama era.  Nowadays black presidents are just like... pfft, whatev...  But wait! This guy is a Cuban American.  Martinez is a pretty hands-on President, getting personally involved into figuring out what was going on with some aliens we had in custody.

5... President Richard Pryor... (The Richard Pryor Show, 1977) - President Pryor liked white women, and wouldn't hesitate beating the shit out of reporter talking about his momma.  The Richard Pryor Show was the Chappelle's Show of it's day, but this President's major policy error was airing that show in prime time, at 7pm opposite Laverne & Shirley, and Happy Days.  It lasted 4 episodes.

4... President David Palmer... (Dennis Haysbert, 24) - Paved the way for Barack Obama, which was really cool, until he claimed he paved the way for Barack Obama. Then everybody was like, whatever dude.

3... President James Sawyer... (Jamie Foxx - White House Down) - Take an Obama-like president, create a movie plot based on what Conservatives would like to actually do to Obama, you get Obama as John McClain. Kind of a fuckin' badass.

2... President Black Bush... (Dave Chappelle, Chappelle's Show) - Shut. The. Fuck. Up. 

1... President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho... (Terry Crews, Idiocracy) - Five-time Ultimate Smackdown Wrestling Champion and porn superstar.

Presidential Trivia #6) 
People still actually believe President Obama is not a U.S. citizen, but this is nothing new in presidential politics. While Obama was born in Hawaii, an actual U.S. state, other presidents and potential presidents were, in fact, not born on U.S. soil.

First we cut through the first 7 Presidents, Martin Van Buren, the 8th President was the first born in the United States.  ...Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe all born in the Colony of Virginia, John Adams and son John Quincy Adams born in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, and Andrew Jackson was born in The Waxhaws, a region in the Carolinas and he was probably born in South Carolina near the NC border... We don't even actually know.

Future President Nixon with potential future Mexican-born President George Romney
in 1968.
President Chester A. Arthur was born in 1829 in Vermont, but rumored to be born in Canada.  This was never made an issue.  ...1916 Presidential Candidate (also Chief Justice/Governor/Secretary of State) Charles Evans Hughes, his father was a British Subject, and opponent Woodrow Wilson made this an issue. Not if Hughes was a U.S. citizen, but whether he was subject to dual citizenship, and therefore a double allegiance - something Birthers still claim about Obama and his father who was a Kenyan. Barry Goldwater, Arizona Senator and 1964 Presidential Candidate was born in the Arizona Territory, in 1909, not a state. George Romney, 1968 Presidential Candidate and Michigan Governor was born in 1907 in Galeana, Mexico. Vice President Al Gore and 2000 Presidential Candidate was born in the District of Columbia. 2008 Presidential Candidate and Arizona Senator John McCain was born in 1936 in the Panama Canal Zone. And of course, McCain's running mate Sarah Palin, who was born on an entirely different fucking planet.

Presidential Trivia #7)
 Here is John Wilkes Booth at Lincoln's Inauguration.  No shit.

Presidential Trivia #8) 
Nine presidents had hooks for hands. Nine that are known of according to John Hodgman's book "The Areas of My Expertise." Hook-handed U.S. presidents include:
  • Jefferson (who designed his own hook)
  • Van Buren (known as "Old Kinderhook")
  • Garfield (when President Garfield was shot, Alexander Graham Bell attempted to locate the bullet with a crude metal detector of his own invention; instead, he discovered "a curved, metallic sharpness in the vicinity of the wrist's end." Historians agree: hook")
  • T. Roosevelt (first draft: "speak softly and pierce their eyes with a golden hook")
T.R., an asthmatic, used his hook (here concealed) to whittle his own inhaler
  • F. Roosevelt (note: his hook was actually a wheelchair)
  • Nixon (many believe that the sight of his horrific hook lost him the first televised debate with Kennedy, who was hookless)
  • Bush I & II (however, Bush II replaced his hook with a chain saw in an effort to seem less privileged)
  • Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard (although technically, President Blackbeard was only President of Pirates)

Presidential Trivia #9) 
Four candidates won the popular vote but lost the presidency.

Almost-President Tilden
In 1824 Andrew Jackson won the popular vote but got less then 50% of the electoral votes. John Quincy Adams became the next president when he was picked by the House of Representatives.

In 1876 Samuel Tilden won the popular vote but lost the election when Rutherford B. Hayes got 185 electoral votes to Tilden’s 184. 1 electoral vote difference. Ouch. 

In 1888 Grover Cleveland won the popular vote but lost the election when Benjamin Harrison got 233 electoral votes to Cleveland’s 168. So Harrison was president between Cleveland's nonconsecutive terms.

In 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the election to George Bush. In the most highly contested election in modern history, the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount of ballots, giving Bush the state’s 25 electoral votes for a total of 271 to Gore’s 255. The difference was 1 Supreme Court Justice vote. We all know what happened next.

Presidential Trivia #10)
William Howard Taft was never stuck in the White House bathtub. That's a myth.

Presidential Trivia #11)
Only 4 of the 44 U.S. Presidents were actually born in a hospitals.

- Jimmy Carter
- Bill Clinton
- George W. Bush
- Barack Obama

Presidential Trivia #12)
Grover Cleveland had a prosthetic rubber jaw. While he was president, doctors discovered Cleveland had a cancerous lesion in his mouth, and they had to remove most of his upper-left jaw as a result. An artificial jaw made of vulcanized rubber was installed. Cleveland kept the surgery a secret, fearing public concerns over his health, and the entire operation took place on his friend's yacht.

Also... When his law partner died, Cleveland became the legal guardian of his 11 year old daughter, Frances Folsom. Ten years later, they got married at the White House. She remains the youngest First Lady, having been just 21 when they married. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT HAPPENING TODAY? 

Presidential Trivia #13)
Most Achievers like myself already know this little bit of trivia, The Dude spends a lot of time at the bowling alley, but we never actually see him bowl in The Big Lebowski.

The Dude's bungalow features a photo of Nixon bowling.

In one of my favorite movie portrayals of a U.S. President, Jeff Bridges plays President Jackson Evans in The Contender.  President Evans is a bowler.

You can see the connection between the two, in the photo to the left and the photo below.

Also, the first line in the 2009 movie Crazy Heart, for which Bridges won his first Oscar...
"Another fuckin' bowling alley..."

Presidential Trivia #14)
"Only Nixon could go to China." is an old Vulcan proverb.

Presidential Trivia #15)
In October 1910 Teddy Roosevelt became the first U.S. President (albeit "ex-president" at the time) to fly in an aero-plane. He was flown around for four minutes in a Wright Brothers-built plane above Lambert Field in St. Louis ( was called Kinloch Field then).

Two years later in October 1912, while campaigning in Milwaukee as a presidential candidate for the Progressive Party Roosevelt was shot by saloon keeper John Schrank (as ordered by the ghost of William McKinley). With a fresh flesh wound and the bullet still in him, Roosevelt still delivered his scheduled speech, seeping blood, ...all 90 minutes of it. “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot.” TR said to the crowd.  “It takes more than that to kill a bull moose...” That is totally bad ass. (TR lost the election to Woodrow Wilson).

Presidential Trivia #16)
Each star on the American flag represents a Playmate that Lincoln has slept with.