Monday, September 29, 2008

Black vs. White

On Saturday, Georgia had a "black-out" ...Penn State had a "white-out" ...let's compare. Penn State's white-out is really nothing new, and lots of other teams do it too, but Georgia's black-out is a more rare occurrance. I'm a big fan of wearing black, and a big fan of black uniforms... But I'm gonna say a black-out is less impressive. Or at least less intimidating.

Black looks cool. Johnny Cash taught us that. But it kind of makes your stadium look empty. Plus the Bulldogs got their asses beat by Bama. Badly. So it didn't help, and it was their first loss of the season. But they looked cool while getting their asses beat.

Beaver Stadium is already impressive. It's the biggest football stadium in the country. Throw in all white, and it looks like a blizzard. You know what sucks to be stuck in the middle of? A blizzard, ...that's what. And they beat the Illini. Now they're off to a perfect 5-0.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

He probably did!

I would like to think that Jesus rode dinosaurs too.

Sunday Song

Killer Queen is a 2005 compilation album of 16 different Queen songs. As for as tribute albums go, it's pretty good. Some of the songs are bluesy, some are alternative, or punk... Here are 4 tracks from Killer Queen...


Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Simpsons Season 8

There are a lot of Simpsons episodes I really like, but Season 8 has all of my favorites. I recently acquired it, and Season 8 has Frank Grimes, Hank Scorpio, Larry Burns, Cecil Terwilliger, Mr. Sparkle, and the Emmy Award winning episode "Homer's Phobia" ...To a non-Simpsons junkie, this all may not seem like anything, but if you're a fan... holy crap - clearly, pound-for-pound, one of the best seasons ever. Around season 4 the show started to get really good, and peaked out during season 8, ...9 was good but it gradually started to go downhill, and still does today. Season 20 (that's 20!) starts this Sunday night.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So long, Shea

Thursday night is the last game I'll ever watch from Shea stadium (on TV I mean), that is, if the Mets don't make the playoffs. I liked Shea in person... it's better live than on TV. On TV, you have the big ass scoreboard in right, and some small high-school style bleachers in left. In real life, it's more interesting. You don't notice it's completely surrounded by a big parking lot... You see the subway train rolling off into the neighboring Queens neighborhood. Planes are constantly flying overhead as they land next door at LaGuardia. On the down side of Shea, the concourses are narrow, and there's three layers of old, chipping green or blue paint on everything that's metal... But the place is really big, it's tall - the upper deck is steep, and the top level concourse has a great view of the sparkling Manhattan skyline.

The character of Shea is in the people there. Some old usher was yelling at kids for sitting where they weren't supposed to, they yelled back. All of this in thick New York accents. The beer vendor was yelling at manager Bobby Valentine from the upper deck, for leaving his pitcher in for too long. We sat in a box, in the front rows of the upper deck. The fans were really vocal, more so than any other ballparks I've ever been too.

Did you know:
Bobby Valentine claims to have invented the wrap style sandwich?

They night we went, the visiting Houston Astros crushed the Mets 3-16. They won the next day 0-10, but then the Mets would go on to lose every home game in the month of August, and then some, with an 0-15 Shea losing streak. The Cubs broadcast on Tuesday said that was the first time in MLB history a team achieved such a feat - but according the Baseball Almanac, they were the 3rd third team in MLB history to go winless at home (during a calendar month with a minimum of 10 decisions). The Seattle Pilots went 0-13 in August 1969, and the Detroit Tigers were 0-16 in September 1996. Ouch.

The day after after this game, Jay Payton was traded from New York to Colorado. We watched his last game as a Met, and his first game for Colorado, when we drove over to Pittsburgh and watched the Pirates host the Rockies. We yelled at him from our left field seats at PNC Park. He actually turned and acknowledged our loud-as-hell outbursts with a funny look and wave.

Of all the old ballparks I've been to (that aren't around any more), I'd say Busch was the best. People around this area know that, and they know why... Milwaukee County Stadium was next - the field was beautiful - props to the grounds crew, ...and the brats were awesome, but the place was so run down and decrepit, it was actually kind of cool. It creaked like an old battleship. I'd rank Shea 3rd, but a good 3rd. And I've been to Cinergy Field in Cincinnati. It wasn't bad, but it seemed like a cheap version of old Busch Stadium. That was the only game I ever seen on AstroTurf, was 100 degrees out and I got a horrible sunburn.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Electoral Count

If I were running for president, and I received the electoral votes of each state I've been to, this would be the final tally. OK, so I've only driven though WV & NJ once each. Only been to the airport in Atlanta, once ...but they still count. What's your electoral count?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Major: Computer Science

I knew that Glenn Jacobs went to college here in Quincy (and over in Kirksville too), but I didn't know what his major was until I came across this picture on Flickr. I wonder if Kane is now applying his knowledge of computer science in his day-to-day activities?

"Can every recursive algorithm be rewritten iteratively? You don't know do you? ... You use an auxiliary stack, essentially simulating a recursive machine, chump."

Ha ha!

Clay Aiken comes out of closet

Well no shit Sherlock! Tell me something I didn't know. Remember when he got all pissed when people were suggesting he was gay? Hint: If you're gay and you're going to hide it from the world, don't look and act gay.

Monday, September 22, 2008

W. Trailer

Second Bush-themed post in 2 days. Just a coincidence. I don't know if this movie will be any good or not, but I like this trailer.

"You mean like pullin' out their toenails? heheheheh"

They seem to have the voices down. Josh Brolin and Richard Dreyfess look and sound dead-on as W. and Cheney, some of the other characters like Powell, Rice, and Rumsfeld look more like caricatures, and James Cromwell as George H.W. Bush just looks like James Cromwell.

I'm afraid this movie might make me miss George W. in a sick, sadistic kind of way.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Song

A second straight day of Eddie Vedder. Here are three Pearl Jam songs that are decidedly "Anti-W" ... "Bushleaguer" is from 2002's album Riot Act, and it's up for interpretation, but to me it seems very clear what the song is about. "Here's to the State of..." is an old protest song that's been written and re-written over the years, it's from the 2006 VH1 Storytellers... and "Worldwide Suicide" is the first single from Pearl Jam's 2006 self-titled album. It's pretty much about anger towards the war in Iraq, and was largely written about Pat Tillman and how the government handled his death. I would post 3 "Pro-W" songs next week, but I don't have any Toby Keith songs on my computer.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


In September of last year, I threw the newly released Rays logo together with a Cubs logo, and a World Series logo... Just for shits and giggles... In May, when I got my hands on the 2008 World Series logo for the first time, I updated the Rays-Cubs World Series graphic, and posted it on this blog. Again, just for shits and giggles.

On Saturday, the Cubs made the playoffs....and right after that, so did the Rays.
Shit. Same day. What are the odds of that? The Rays new logo and colors were made public one year ago to the day in fact. I'm sure that if I called Vegas a year ago, I'd be a rich man now. But I was just messing around with Photoshop, being all hypothetical. I have a feeling that this 10-year-old team, having never finished above .500 until 2008, is going to be trouble.

Saturday Song

Cubs fan Eddie Vedder recently threw together a song for the team. He got a pretty good live version of it at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago this August. It's now being played on Chicago radio and at the bars around Wrigleyville. Steve Goodman's 1984 "Go Cubs Go" is starting to get play at Wrigley Field again, over the past 2 seasons after every home win. You can download them both right here:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going National

You might have seen this commercial before. If not, check it out.

The voice of the play-by-play guy is my friend Lew Stowers. Maybe he can hook me up with some free wings now.

Campaign 08

If you like that, you'll love this link: Obama stumbles into a party and asks, "Where the white women at?"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Golden Ticket

Hey look! More free stuff! The Internet Movie Database is showing entire movies and TV shows on their site, for free! Great quality, and easy to use. Free!

The Foot Fist Way

I watched this movie last night. Check out the trailer.

Good movie. It's pretty damn funny. The star of the movie, Danny McBride, was in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder. He really reminds me of a lot of guys you'd meet right here in Quincy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog. I miscalculated before, and almost marked the occasion last month. This "Blogvine" thing originally launched a year ago today, even though I had actually been blogging since October '06. OK, so I'm saying 100,000 hits?! Well, close enough. Should be by day's end. That's insane. Overall, I would think that there'd be more comments. I'm havin' fun though, this gives me a place to vent my random thoughts.

Who else has an anniversary on September 16th? General Motors. The American Legion. Mexico. Papua New Guinea.

The traditional gift for a one year anniversary is paper. Well, it's a blog & on a computer, so I won't be needing any paper. The "modern" gift for a one year anniversary is a clock. Got one of those too, in the lower right-hand corner of the computer screen. So if you see me on the street, hand me money.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Target Field

That's the name of the new Twins ballpark, next to the Target Center.

Well that's just great.

The first Cubs no-hitter in my lifetime. What do I love to see? No hitters., that's what.. But did I get to watch my team's first no-hitter since 1972? No. Thanks to a cruel twist of fate, it wasn't televised! No WGN or Comcast, & ESPN didn't carry the game until the end. I have to work the early shift, so I'm already in bed anyway (with a cold) satisfied with the 5-0 lead mid-way through the game when I checked online. Damn!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Top Sound Effects

I would guess out of all the movie sound effects, there are at least 6 that used more than any others, and everybody has heard at some point. There's the "castle thunder" ...the "universal telephone ring" ...and the "baby crying", which I don't have a link for, but trust me - you've heard it. Then there's the three big obvious ones. Sound effects so distinct, you stop and think - there it is again.

There's the “Dr. Davis, telephone please, Dr. Davis, telephone please, Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J. Hamilton” ...This is from and old album of hospital sound effects. It's very well known to rock music fans because it can be heard at the beginning of Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime & Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood. It's been used it dozens of films and TV shows.

There's the "Howie Scream" ...a scream that has no actual name, but it was the noise Howie Long made in the movie "Broken Arrow" right before he was killed. It's also used in the Navy commercial with the Godsmack song.

The most popular sound effect has been used so much that it's become an inside joke in the movie industry. Well over a hundred films from classic westerns to blockbusters have used "The "Wilhem" scream. Sheb Wooley, who died in 2003, was a little-known character actor and novelty singer, but his talent for producing bloodcurdling cries has become part of film history. A scream recorded in 1951 for the Gary Cooper film Distant Drums has appeared in all six episodes of the Star Wars franchise, three Indiana Jones films, two of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Toy Story and Reservoir Dogs, and countless other major blockbuster films.

You can download the sound effects here:
The Dr. J. Hamilton
The Howie
The Wilhelm

Sunday Song

While the metal world was off listening to the new Metallica album, "Death Magnetic," released on Tuesday of last week - another album was released on the same day that's received all my attention. The live album/DVD "Full Fathom Five" by my favorite band in the world, Clutch. The new Metallica is decent, and it's way better than the last album they put out, but the new Clutch is awesome. It comes as close as a live album can to capturing the sound of a Clutch show. The single & video released from Full Fathom Five is "Texan Book of the Dead," which is an old Clutch song that I actually recorded and posted on You Tube early last year. It's an awesome live song that is totally hard core, yet it borrows elements from children's songs.

This week's song is from the new live album, and the original version from the 1998 album of the same name, The Elephant Riders. During the Civil War, it is said the king of Siam offered President Lincoln elephants to help the northern effort. Lincoln politely declined the offer. This song entertains that surreal image. Clutch's lead singer Neil Fallon says there's no factual basis for this, but the places mentioned in the song are real however. The real story is that the king of Siam offered to send some domesticated elephants to President James Buchanan, to use as beasts of burden and means of transportation. The royal letter, which was written even before the Civil War started, took some time to arrive in Washington, and by the time it reached it's destination President Buchanan was not in office any longer. In his replying letter Lincoln, who succeeded Buchanan, respectfully declined to accept King Mongkut's proposal, explaining to the King that American steam engines could also be used for the same purposes. ...And now you know... the rest of the story. Good day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Check out the Herald-Whig on Saturday. I'm in there.
It's not the '20 Under 40', that's somebody else in my office.
And it's not "On the Record" ...not yet.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Album Covers 101

Moving Pictures
Rush, 1981
This album cover is a play on the words "moving pictures" has three interpretations. OK, first off, there are movers who are actually "moving pictures". Then, the bystanders are emotional because the painting are "moving" them, ...they are "moving pictures". And finally, the back cover has a film crew making a "moving picture" of the entire scene. Clever, eh? The cover photo was taken in front of the Ontario Legislature Building in Toronto. The paintings are Joan of Arc, Dogs Playing Poker, and the artwork from the back of Rush's album 2112.


My friend Jon went to the Cubs-Cards game Thursday. On the way down, they were discussing the ethics of umbrellas at ball games. Jon's wife was concerned about the people who might have to sit behind them, ...Jon said "Fuck 'em".
This is the only umbrella being used in the stadium.
Guess who the guy standing up is.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The last one down

I took this picture at Ground Zero in July 2002. This is the Deutsche Bank Building, immediately south of the World Trade Center buildings. This building was an incredible site to see in person. The netting hung over this 40-plus story building not only looks like a burial shroud, but it made the building resemble the monolith from 2001. What it's hiding from everyone's view is a giant gash, 24 stories long, right down the middle at a slight angle. After this picture was taken, well over a year after the attacks, they were still finding bodies -mummified- in the building. They were still finding remains up until at least 2006. The Deutsche Bank Building was destroyed beyond repair. Deconstruction began in March 2007, and it's still going on now. In August of last year a fire broke out at the building killing 2 more firefighters. The building should be completely gone by the end of this year - making it the last one to come down.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good-bye, Nice to Know You

Today is the day that the Large Hadron Collider started the process of particle acceleration. As I reported in February of this year (on my birthday in fact), this could be the end of all we know. Nothing will happen, probably, but the scientists admitted even they don't know. Though the process began today, they won't start actually smashing atoms from another few days or weeks. October 21st actually.

So what will happen? Some are saying a black hole, but the black hole we're talking about here would be too small and unstable, and basically disappear in seconds. What else could happen? Here's a list of possibilities. 1) Rip in space-time continuum, Biff Tannen shows up... 2) Whole place blows up on Thursday, September 11th will go on to be remembered as a day of great tragedy... 3) Open a gateway to Hell, devil escapes, goes down to Georgia... 4) Dogs and cats, living together - mass hysteria... 5) A special appearance by Thundaar the Barbarian... 6) It'll suck the paint off your house and give your family a permanent orange afro. 7) A brand new tourist attraction, just like that canyon in Arizona, the "Grand" one... 8) Cubs win the 2008 World Series. 9) Cubs lose the 2008 World Series. 10) We learn once again, that advanced science scares people silly.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I bust up laughing every time I see these two commercials. If you haven't seen them yet, here you go...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Maybe a bad omen?

Somebody mentioned that Sarah Palin kinda looks like Peggy Hill. I thought, OK, I can see the resemblance... But then I realized something...

John McCain looks like Cotton Hill! Not only do they share the same hair style and elderly bodies, but they're both decorated war heroes and POWs who throw their military service in your face, both like younger ladies, both are cranky and mean as hell, and both have battered & beaten old bodies.

But, Cotton Hill died last year. On November 11, the first episode after the first Tuesday in November (Election Day)... That's not a good sign.

I also think that QB Kyle Orton looks like the Dave Grohl with a touch of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


If you're never heard of Brandon Hardesty, you've got to check out his web site, or his You Tube page. This guy does dead-on reenactments from movie scenes, and it's gotten him some national media exposure. They're very good and very entertaining. Check out the links I mentioned before, and I haven't seen them all yet - but be sure you watch some of my favorites... Fargo, Jurassic Park, The Shawshank Redemption, Reservoir Dogs, There Will Be Blood, and Atonement.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Song

"A Room With a View" is probably one of the nicest, easy-on-the-ears thrash songs ever. That helped make this ballad the biggest release to date for Death Angel. The song and video were actually released under the band name "D.A." because Death Angel did not properly reflect the band's direction and style at the time. Arguably the best Filipino-American thrash band ever, in the history of Filipino-American thrash bands, San Francisco's Death Angel was in the thick of the late 80's Bay Area metal scene, along with Metallica, Testament, Exodus, and a slew of others. While on tour in 1991, in support of their third album "Act III," a tour bus crash critically injured Death Angel's drummer. The lead singer subsequently left the band, and about a year after Act III was released, the band split up. They reunited ten years later.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Album Covers 101

Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden, 1986

Maiden has always had awesome album covers. Not just for the covers, but backs of albums, inner sleeves, promotional art, and poster art. Check out this link. This cover was originally created for use as the cover to the authorized biography of the band, Running Free. "Somewhere in Time" was one of my favorites growing up. I would draw and re-draw it over and over again. There are a ton of Maiden references - to people, songs, and other cultural reference. Too many to list, so grab a PB&J, click the picture for the full "pull-out" version, and see for yourself.

Friday, September 05, 2008


That's Walter Reed Junior High in North Hollywood, CA - not Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

Sarah Barracuda

Let's keep this Palin thing going, ...see if I can keep the hits coming today. Ann and Nancy Wilson of said Thursday night that Universal Music Publishing and Sony BMG have sent a cease and desist notice to the McCain-Palin campaign over their use of 'Barracuda.'

"We have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored," the group said in a statement that said they "condemn" the use of the song at the Republican convention.

It was earlier this year that John Mellencamp asked the McCain campaign to stop using 'Our Country' and 'Pink Houses' ...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A new record

I just randomly checked my blog's hit counter tonight before going to bed... something I don't really do all that often... Holy crap! Over 2,300 hits so far in the day? And traffic's been pretty high all this week. I don't know how many hits are a lot, but 2,300 seems to be a shitload to me. Maybe somebody can please shed some light on that for me. Hey, if I had a dollar for every hit to this blog on Thursday alone, I'd have the maximum individual political contribution for the primary election season. Or a new laptop. My old one finally returned home today, ...smoke free. Had I known that so many people would be checking this thing out, I really would have tried to think of something clever, or profound to say. Right now, ...I got nothin'. Damn!

O.K., See...

Here's the new logo for the Seattle SuperSonics. I mean, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Shitty deal for Seattle I think. The Thunder join the Jazz, Heat, and Magic in the concept-themed team name division. I prefer animal themes. It's pretty general as far as logos go. It’s better than a lot of NBA logos, but I don’t think the league has a lot of great logos to begin with. Clippers, Blazers, Lakers, Wizards, Rockets, all suck in my opinion. I think my favorite NBA logo is the Memphis Grizzlies. This one's OK. Not great. I don't know if it's supposed to represent anything. It doesn't make me think of Thunder , Oklahoma City, or Oklahoma.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gotham City

Look familiar? The Obama Campaign is using this font, called "gotham" ...I think it's a pretty cool font, and not because I like how the Obama campaign is putting it to use, but because I'm a big nerd. There are actually sites and blogs dedicated to "fontophiles" or "typophiles" but I'm not that much of a nerd.

In the year 2000, GQ Magazine commissioned a designer from Brooklyn to create a new font. The magazine actually held exclusive rights to the new gotham font until 2002. The typeface was selected for the Freedom Tower cornerstone at the World Trade Center site. The cornerstone, dedicated on July 4, 2004, was the first tangible, physical element of the Freedom Tower reconstruction.

Of course, the Obama campaign started using the gotham in 2007. As you can see in this photo , when the campaign modified the 'Yes We Can' and 'Change' message to exclude area loser, Nate Walsh.

If you wanted to download this font, it would cost you $200. Seriously. Ouch! 200 bones for a damn font. Luckily, you came here. I'll give it to you for free.
Don't say I never gave ya anything! Shh! It'll be our secret.

National Strategic Interests

Look at this video. Forget about what Bush is saying, because it doesn't matter, it's how he's saying it. I just think it's funny.

This is the 2000 GOP Debate where McCain shamed George Bush for being a backstabbing liar, and Bush just gave McCain a smug "I don't give a shit" smirk.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Review: Google Chrome


Google released a new web browser today. I gave her a good test run all afternoon. Google Chrome was put out there to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox. I don't know what the competition is about, they're all free. I used to think web browsers were basically the same. It's a pretty simple concept, a damn window to explore the internet. That's why I was big on Internet Explorer, the name said it all. But within the past year, I switched over to Firefox. At first it was because IE kept crashing on me. But the bells and whistles with Firefox sold me. Google Chrome has non of that. It looks slick, but there are no bells and whistles. It's actually harder to search the internet and to access your bookmarks! Mostly, it's slow. Noticeably slow. It does have some neat features, but nothing to make you want to switch.

I hate Tuesdays disguised as Mondays

Anyhoo... Watch this...

Monday, September 01, 2008

I would vote for Michael Palin!

Absolutely! But Sarah Palin? They picked the wrong one. I guess I will air out about Sarah Palin (by request only) ...I wanted to hold off and not do it at all today, in light of Hurricane Gustav, like the GOP is doing... But oh well.

Within 72 hours of McCain's announcement, there was a big huge baby mama drama development thanks to those crazy liberal bloggers. Say what you will about the crazy liberal bloggers, but it did, in fact, draw out the announcement that 17 year old Bristol Palin is preggers. I wonder if momma's bringing a shotgun to that upcoming wedding. And I wonder how long it was going to take them to announce it without the push from the bloggers. McCain knew before. too They're also spinning this as a proud, happy, brave decision. Hey, nothing wrong with parents who have a daughter who gets pregnant in high school. Nothing. I have lots of friends who went through the same thing, pregnant mothers and good parents. But when you're selected for Vice President of the United States of America, and one of the main merits of your character on which that decision was made was being a super mom, and a good Conservative who pushed an abstinence-only agenda in your state's schools, you've already failed your party. But the Democrats won't be able to even bring it up, because that would be unfair and mean. Like bringing up Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter.

Goddamit Bryce, I can't believe I'm typing this. Here we go.

Wow! Sarah Palin is a woman! Hillary was a woman! Should sway those angry Hillary supporters... If McCain picked her just because she's a woman, and if I were a female Hillary supporter, I would be fucking insulted.

At first thought, I was like... What? Who? Yeah, I remember her name being mentioned a couple times before last week, but I never imagined th---- holy shit, she's fucking hot. Totally has the sexy librarian look going on. Wait a second - in a state-level office 20 months? And in Alaska? That state has a population less than Austin, Texas! And the highest suicide and alcoholism rates in the nation because apparently Alaska sucks to live in. She's a hard core Conservative pro-lifer, with 5 kids that have really dumb names (Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow & Piper) and she could very well end up our president? Republicans can say what they want about Obama's lack of experience, but he's bringing a whole helluva lot more to the table - this, I think, will backfire. Governing a state that is sandwiched between Siberia and the Yukon Territory doesn't qualify her. How does that qualify her to stare down with Vlad Putin - look at that guy! Biden will eat her alive. She can only rely on acting like a tough cookie with a pretty face and the talking points that are fed to her. Biden, by the way. Love that fucking guy. He was always my 2nd choice after Obama. Sarah Palin, a Roman Catholic, working mom, with a son bound for Iraq. Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic, working dad, with a son bound for Iraq.

Every time they brought up Sarah Palin's son going to Iraq on TV Friday, a Democrat talking head kept bringing up the fact that Beau Biden is also headed to Iraq - but the pro-Palin folks blatantly ignored it. Bay Buchanan was leading the charge. I am telling you that if John McCain selected Eva Braun, they'd be out there defending her just as hard and making excuses and spinning it. That's their job.

If McCain wanted to pick up a woman, for the sake of picking up a woman, he should have went with Condi Rice. If he wanted to not pick somebody from the Bush clan, he could have went with Kay Bailey Hutchison from TX or a lot of any other women. If he wanted a Washington outsider/maverick type, he could have went with a dozen other people that are worlds more qualified. A Conservative with economic chops? Romney. A Conservative with crime fighting skills? Giuliani. Both of those guys could have riled up the base just as easy. To hell with this "vintage John McCain" style of doing things. That could also backfire down the road if that's the way he makes decisions.

Oh, wait, she's a mother? Wow, that qualifies her. She can work up a budget? Impressive. She's not afraid to take on corrupt Republicans? Oooh! You know who else likes to do that? Fucking Democrats. She commanded the National Guard in Alaska? Wait, no, apparently nott, according to the AK ANG Commander.

I can image the Democrats screwing this up and losing, but I can't begin to imagine how at this point that would be possible. After seeing what I've seen since Obama announced in 2007, especially last Thursday in Denver, it SEEMS to be fairly logical, and destined to happen. The masses and the momentum are seemily on the side of Obama, If McCain/Palin is elected, it's truly scary, what it says about this country, because this Palin chick is gonna play to all the flag waving, Lee Greenwood-loving, bible thumping, yellow ribbon sticker bearing, mommies and rednecks and other conservatives out there. Like a fucking harp. People won't vote for Obama cuz he's an "n-word" and no other reason but that, even beloved close relatives of mine. And Palin's going to get the slice of voters who absolutely do not care about anything except her pro-life stance. This is proven by the fact that I heard those exact sentiments coming out of the mouth of other beloved relatives of mine only weeks ago.

Besides preaching abstinence only, she's against abortion even in the case of rape and inscest. She advocates the teaching of Creationism. She's anti-gay and wants to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage. And she's very much against laws in favor of marijuana.

Oh, and way to go Hillary, for the nice words for Palin on Friday, with the most minor of a slight jab for good measure. Damn. Hopefully she'll do her part and go after Palin. A lot of Republicans, some Conservatives, the biggest newspapers in Alaska, and Palin's mother in law - not even on her side. What does that say?

Well great... This turned into a really long rant, ...I was instigated into this by a couple poeple. But I'm just gonna throw this out there - Palin's an interesting, intriguing choice - Not a smart one my opinion, especially since she was not fully vetted - She's still pretty, despite with shrill voice. But sometimes she looks like Eugene Levy's wife in Waiting for Guffman.

But what do I know, I'm just a poor, deluded, ignorant, crazy blogger. But I do know this, if the electoral map looks just like it did in 2004, with the exception of Missouri and Iowa going blue, it's an Obama/Biden win.

On an un-related, yet sort of still-related note. I just want to say, that from a non-partisan standpoint, the Obama camp is stomping the McCain camp in style points. Two examples: The way they did the VP announcements. Compare those. And then there's the web sites. Barack Obama's home page, is by far, one of the most attractive, artistic, stylish web sites I have seen, regardless of it being a political campaign site. The artwork in this campaign is nothing like I've ever seen, from the site, to campaign signs, to the viral marketing.

I hate - repeat: hate - wordy blogs.




Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Song

This is the second consecutive week I've gone with a song from 1985. That's purely a coincidence, nothing more. I've been watching "80 Hours of the 80's" on VH1 Classic, all weekend long. "You're a Friend of Mine" the duet by Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne came on. Clemons, taking full advantage of Springsteen's fame, released this happy, fun, up-tempo song... and I remember back in 1985 this song, even then, seemed a little bit cheesy - but when it came on VH1 Classic this weekend, 23 years later, it reminded me how much I love the 80's and how carefree and happy I was back then.